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Cloth Diaper Basics

Cotton Babies has been selling cloth diapers since 2002 and has been a world-wide leading manufacturer in the cloth diaper industry since 2005 when the first of our cloth diaper brands, bumGenius, was introduced (read our story). We've helped hundreds of thousands of families get started with cloth diapering.

Whether you choose cloth diapers for economic, environmental or health benefits, the first step in cloth diapering is learning how to use them and what you might need!

This cloth diapers FAQ is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions that we've answered over the years and covers everything from how many cloth diapers you might need to how to care for your cloth diaper stash. We have the answers to many questions right here, but we also have experienced cloth diapering experts who answer the phones at 314-892-1855. Please feel free to call.

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Questions About Cloth Diapering