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Diaper Grants

Diaper Grants for Missionaries

Diaper Grants for Missionaries is a practical way that we can support missionary families with small children. This program will provide a supplemental set of basic cloth diapers to a certain number of qualifying families every year.

Applicant Requirements
The family must be able to show that they are actively involved in international missions work, have been overseas for a minimum of 12 months, have a sponsoring organization, pastoral recommendation, demonstrate need, and have one currently diapered child under six months old. Eligibility for a Diaper Grant starts after a baby is born.

Why Do We Do This?
We want to give in a practical way towards the ministries of people who are giving their life to strategically spread the gospel among the unreached. The Diaper Grant for Missionaries is a practical way that we can make a positive impact on a missionary family's life on an ongoing basis.

How To Apply
Diaper Grant Applications are accepted via email. If you'd like to apply, please email your responses to the following questions to

  1. Your Name and the Name of your Spouse
  2. Domestic Address
  3. International Address
  4. Sending Organization Name and Address
  5. Sponsoring Church Address
  6. Pastor's Name (from Sponsoring Church)
  7. Pastor's Phone Number (an email address is not sufficient)
  8. May we contact your pastor and sponsoring organization to obtain a reference and to verify the information in this application?
  9. Length of time at current post
  10. Do you consider this a permanent assignment? If not, then why and when do you expect your assignment change?
  11. Tell us about your family. What are the ages and weights of the child/children you are diapering?
  12. What is your vision for your outreach?
  13. What country are you in?
  14. How did you choose that country?
  15. Why do you want to use cloth diapers?
  16. Do you have the facilities to care for the diapers (washer OR sink/clothes-line)?
  17. Due to extremely high international shipping costs, we are unable to ship diaper grant packages to international addresses. Please provide a U.S. shipping address where we can ship your diaper grant package. This can be anyone who will forward the package to you (consider a family member, church office or your sending organization) or may be able to bring it to you in their luggage.
  18. Without the Diaper Grant, would you be able to afford to purchase these diapers?
  19. How did you hear of the Diaper Grant Program?