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The Cotton Babies Story

Cotton Babies began with $100 worth of product in a tiny green milkcrate stored on a shelf in our kitchen. It grew from there to a bookshelf, then a closet, then a bedroom, then a basement and finally, the business grew into commercial space. Today, Cotton Babies is a privately held market leader in the juvenile product industry and a diverse cloth diaper manufacturer, offering cloth diapers and other absorbent products designed to meet for various household and business needs.


Where are we?

Cotton Babies is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Cotton Babies is focused on strategic platform based growth, outside retailers, and quality product manufacturing.

Our owner, Jennifer Labit, cares deeply about growth of the cloth diapering industry. She was the founding chair of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)6 trade association created for cloth diaper retailers, manufacturers, diaper services, media and other parties with an interest in the cloth diaper industry. 

Social Responsibility
Today, Jenn is focused on raising the standard of excellence in the baby industry through creative designs and unique marketing approaches. Her goals are continued growth of the cloth diaper category in an effort to reduce waste and raise the standard of living in areas her company has influence. Cotton Babies reaches out to local families through targeted outreaches designed to get cloth diapers in the hands of the less fortunate. Cotton Babies also provides cloth diapers to thousands of missionaries through the Diaper Grant program.

Corporate Philosophies
In an industry filled with abundant diversity, Cotton Babies endeavors to build bridges with people, not walls over differences. When designing new products, our goal is always to support parents at every point on the spectrum and offer a variety of customizable options to fit their unique needs.

Cotton Babies wants to see cloth diapers in every home across America. Jenn and Jimmy created the bumGenius brand, the Flip Hybrid Diapering System, Econobum, and Elemental Joy. Each brand is designed to reach out to a different unique market segment.


The bumGenius brand introduced cloth diapers easy enough for anyone to use... even family members or childcare providers who might be resistant to the idea of cloth diapering. bumGenius was intentionally designed to make cloth diapering as easy as using a disposable! The bumGenius brand offers a variety of options; stay dry lining, organic cotton, single-piece diapering, and a selection of fun prints from our Limited Edition Genius Series.  

The Flip Diapering System provides parents with an affordable hybrid diapering system. Options include organic inserts, stay-dry inserts and a disposable insert. The Flip Diapering System is manufactured from the same high quality materials used in all our products but comes at a much lower price point than other hybrid products on the market.
Elemental Joy
Elemental Joy, our entry-level system, was created to take care of families on any budget. The Elemental Joy product line is featured on shelves in Walmart. These products are easy to use and are a great way for a family to diaper their baby without a lot of extra expense. 


Cotton Babies wants to make it easy for more families to use cloth diapers. With bumGenius, Flip and Elemental Joy, we've increased accessibility to cloth diapers by recognizing families at different places in life. We believe every parent and baby is unique. These distinctions demand a variety of options.

In the process of creating options for a variety of families, we've expanded the cloth diapering world, creating room for more unique people. I like it that way. I hope you do too.

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Labit
Owner of Cotton Babies, Inc.
Creator of bumGenius, Flip and Elemental Joy

JPMA Member