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Potty training is a process. Your baby is learning what it feels like to need to go to the bathroom and how to use their body's muscles. At first, your baby may still release the full contents of their bladder.  When evaluating a potty training product, consider the volume and frequency of your child's output. Make sure that you're using the same amount of absorbency in a potty training product that you would have used in a diaper. Remember, your baby will need more absorbency early in the learning process and less absorbency later. 

At night, while your baby is learning how to use the bathroom and still having full-bladder accidents, we recommend that you use an appropriately absorbent cloth diaper.  Pocket diapers provide helpful customization.  Overnight inserts are a great option for many babies.  If reusable options are too bulky for your heavy-wetting child, disposable inserts can be used inside your cloth diapers and are less expensive than disposable potty training pants.  When your baby is waking up dry or with a diaper that is only damp, you should transition to a waterproof, resusable training pant that can be pulled up and down easily.

During the day, you have many options.  Some parents transition their child straight from diapers into toddler underwear.  Others prefer to use something a little more leak-proof to support the learning process.  There are many great products available. Our best selling potty training system is the Flip Potty Training System. To use this system, purchase a Potty Training Shell and the Potty Training Pad 3-pk.

When you're on the go, a small and portable potty seat is helpful for keeping an emergency potty in the back of the car or for providing a little bottom a place to sit in a big bathroom. A diaper sprayer is a handy accessory to have attached to the toilet for cleaning out a potty seat.

Moving from the diapering stage and into potty training can be both easy and fun. Every child is on their own timeline and will have a unique learning process. Early potty training happens for some children (and cloth diapers can help reinforce that process), but others will wait until later. Enjoy your child's learning process and most importantly... practice patience.