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Inspired by underwater archaeologist, Dr. Edward Lee Spence, this print truly embodies a deep sea adventure. Decked with treasure maps, ships, parrots, and pirates, Spence features Moonbeam, Sassy and Clementine accents, creating a perfect combination for any little mate.

Dr. E. Lee Spence (born 1947)

Dr. E. Lee Spence found his first shipwrecks and treasure the year he was 12 and grew up to become one of the pioneers of underwater archeology. He has found hundreds of wrecks and over $40,000,000 in artifacts. His first major discovery was the 1863 wreck of the Georgiana, which was considered the most powerful Confederate Cruiser. In 1970 he discovered the 1864 wreck of the Hunley, which was first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship. Dr. Spence has written numerous books and is President of the Sea Research Society and Vice President of the International Diving Institute.