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bumGenius Swim
How smart! Shop swimwear available now in your favorite bumGenius prints for the whole family! From swimsuits to rash guards, we've got you covered for fun in the sun. 

Can I use my bumGenius Pocket Diaper as a Swim Diaper?
You use your bumGenius pocket diapers for daytime and for overnight. Guess what! You can also use the same bumGenius Pocket Diaper as a swim diaper. Simply remove the insert and then snap the rise snaps up one level. The pocket diaper will be slightly too large for your baby on the normal setting because you won't be using the insert in the swimming pool.  After adjusting the diaper and putting it on your baby, be sure to run your finger around the legs and the waist to make sure the fit is right. It should be snug, but not too tight or too loose. Don't forget to bring a couple of extras in your pool bag just in case your baby needs a change while you're playing in the water. You will also need an insert for the diaper change after you're done playing. 

Family Swim
We all know that family rotates around new babies, so our swim collection is designed to match the solid color bumGenius diapers, the Genius Series, and the Doodles Collection prints. Now you can shop bumGenius Swim for the whole family and stage that perfect vacation beach picture.