"Andrew has worn several different brands of prefolds. My favorite prefolds are the diapers that we chose to sell here at Cotton Babies. These prefolds are absorbent, soft, and durable. They quilt up nicely when washed several times on hot, the stitching doesn't fray, they dried completely with one cycle in the dryer, and my son can go two to three hours between diaper changes without soaking the diaper.

I've tried them all -- European prefolds, ComPly prefolds, Babies Textile prefolds, gauze prefolds, cheap Walmart prefolds, regular Gerber prefolds, and Gerber DSQ prefolds. Absolutely none of them could stand up to these diaper service quality prefolds. Our prefolds are soft, durable, absorbent, and just trim enough. The workmanship is quality and the manufacturer stands behind the diapers.

Simply Prefolds are diaper service quality (DSQ).  If you are looking for a simple workhorse diapering solution, these are your diapers!" - Jennifer Labit, Cotton Babies Founder & CEO

A fastener or a good diaper cover will be needed for these diapers. Prefolds can be fastened with pins or a Snappi, but you don't have to use either. Check out our selection of diaper covers for a tremendous fastener-free solution!

Consider using Flip Cloth Diaper Covers. That diaper cover works well over the infant or preemie-sized prefold and has an umbilical scoop in the front -- an important feature that helps prevent umbilical infections. After your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off, we recommend Elemental Joy and Flip diaper covers. Elemental Joy and Flip diaper covers are made by Cotton Babies and are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for burp cloths for embroidery or other crafting projects, order the REGULAR 4x6x4 ply prefold cloth diapers. The regular-sized prefold is also perfect for babies who are too small for premium-sized prefolds but need more absorbency than the infant prefolds offer.

Prefold sizes available:

  • Preemie Bleached or Unbleached
  • Infant Bleached or Unbleached 4x6x4 (newborn to 15 lbs).
  • Premium Bleached or Unbleached 4x8x4 (15-30 lbs). Measures 14.5" x18.5" before washing
  • Regular Bleached or Unbleached 4x6x4 (15-30 lbs). Measures 14.5" x 21" before washing
  • Toddler Bleached or Unbleached 4x8x4. Measures 16.5" x 21.5" before washing

Wondering if you should go with white prefolds or unbleached prefolds?

Unbleached Prefolds Benefits and Drawbacks:  

  • Softer cotton - a gauze-like weave on these diapers makes them wonderful
  • Unbleached diapers wash up quicker (3 washes)
  • Fabric is fast-absorbing (great for babies who flood their diapers)
  • Unbleached prefolds drawbacks:
    • They may wear out faster than the White prefolds.
    • Lighter-weight thread is used when sewing the ends of the diapers, so the thread may wear out faster than the fabric does.

White Prefolds Benefits and Drawbacks:

  • Slightly heavier-duty stitching - these are made of twill weave 
  • Due to being made of a heavier-weight fabric and stitched with a thicker thread, these prefolds will probably stay nice longer than the Unbleached prefolds.
  • White prefolds drawbacks:
    • It may pill up more than the Unbleached prefolds.
    • These diapers are still soft but slightly rougher than the unbleached prefolds (when washed and dried in the same load).

Caring for Prefolds

Washing, Drying, and Preparing Prefolds for first use:

  • It takes 7-10 hot wash cycles to make prefolds fully absorbent. They are usable after the first wash and dry cycles, but reaching their top capacity will take some time.
  • The dryer makes prefolds softer and fluffier.

Regular Care for Prefolds

  • Wash on warm/hot with detergent. Repeat.
  • Dry. Tumble drying makes prefolds softer and fluffier. Line-drying prefolds will result in a rough and stiff diaper that isn't as absorbent as a diaper dried in the dryer. We do not recommend exclusively line-drying prefolds.
  • To save energy, consider line-drying until damp. Then putting the slightly damp prefold into the dryer.
  • Prefolds are resilient diapers. Because they are 100% cotton, they are also generally the easiest diaper to wash and keep clean.

Prefold Size Charts

Baby Prefold Size Chart:

Baby Size Weight Dimensions
Preemie 4-10 pounds 9.5" x 13"
Infant 7-15 pounds 12" x 16"
Regular 15-30 pounds 14.5" x 21"
Premium 15-30 pounds 14.5" x 22"
Toddler 30-45 pounds 17.5" x 23"


Adult Prefold Size Chart:

Adult Size Waist Size Dimensions
Small up to 32" 32" L x 22" W
Medium up to 42" 36" L x 27" W
Large up to 52" 40" L x 32" W
X-Large up to 56" 44" L x 35" W
2X-Large up to 62" 48" L x 38" W
3X-Large up to 70" 52" L x 42" W

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