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History of FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers were originally created by Tereson Dupuy. FuzziBunz were the first cloth diaper in the cloth diaper industry to feature a waterproof outer layer and a microfleece inner. They've gone through multiple version over the years, but today have settled into a trim, top-stitched, one-size design that features an organic insert, replaceable and adjustable leg elastic, a hip snap, and a single row of snaps at the waist. 

We Love FuzziBunz

Cotton Babies has proudly carried FuzziBunz cloth diapers almost from the day we opened our original retail store in 2002. When our founder’s first son was born, this was the diaper that she purchased for him to wear overnight. The Labits only had one FuzziBunz diaper and, at the time, they lived in a tiny apartment that didn't have a washer and dryer. Every morning, they'd wash that diaper out in the bathroom sink and hang it to dry in the bathtub to use again at bedtime. The soft inner micro-fleece wicked moisture away from their baby's bottom and into the absorbent insert placed inside the pocket. It kept him dry at night and helped everyone sleep better. Since then, FuzziBunz cloth diapers have been loved by Cotton Babies customers.  

What you should know about a FuzziBunz One Size Adjustable Pocket Diaper

Fit babies from approximately 10-40 pounds

Easily add an additional insert for more absorbency

Great for larger babies

Replaceable elastic