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A pocket diaper is a reusable cloth diaper that has a waterproof outer cover with a pocket that accommodates inserts for customized absorbency. The pocket diaper system allows for a great deal of adjustability and customization.  It's a great choice for cloth diapering at daycare and for overnight use.

Many pocket diapers offer an 8 to 35 pound range of adjustability that fits most babies between birth and potty training.

Pocket diapers have an opening in the back of the diaper to hold any inserts you choose. Adjust the insert based on your baby's absorbency needs. The inserts included with pocket diapers are perfect for most babies during the day or night. For heavy wetting babies, try using Hemp Babies Little Weeds or Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds to increase the absorbency of the diaper.

bum Genius™ Original Pocket Diaper was the first diaper released by Cotton Babies.