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bumGenius One-Size Pocket Diapers are the original product in the bumGenius product family. They were introduced to the cloth diaper market by Cotton Babies in 2005, sold out within hours of the first shipment, and have gone on to become the best selling cloth diaper in North America. Recently updated to our Version 5.0, the combination of our original 3x3 size adjustment technique, gentle stretchy tabs, a soft inner suede cloth, and a wide covered pocket provide an adjustable cloth diaper that fits nearly every baby from birth through potty training.

Pocket Diapers provide you with the ability to adjust the absorbency of a diaper as your baby grows.  A newborn baby doesn't need as much absorbency as an older baby.  bumGenius Pocket Diapers come with a newborn insert and a larger insert. Use them separately, or, as your baby's absorbency needs increase, you can put the inserts together. 

Pocket Diapers can also be great choices for parents who are wanting to cloth diaper a baby in daycare. Often daycare providers don't know how to stuff a diaper properly for nap times. Preset the inserts in your cloth diapers and make sure to tell the daycare which diapers were designated for nap time. 

The bumGenius One-Size Pocket Diaper was an original concept created by Cotton Babies owner, Jennifer Labit and her husband Jimmy. The product is now covered by numerous domestic and international utility and design patents.