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bumGenius Big and Bigger diapers are a larger version of our bumGenius 5.0 pocket diapers. This newly designed diaper has been created for larger toddlers, kids with special needs, and smaller adults with incontinence problems. Big will fit people weighing 35-70 pounds and Bigger will fit many people weighing 70-120 pounds. Both cloth diapers feature super soft stay-dry lining that wicks moisture away from skin. The gentle leg elastic and waterproof outer cover prevent leaks. What sets bumGenius Bigger apart from other special needs or adult size cloth diapers is our signature 3x3 size adjustment technique, gentle stretchy tabs, and a wide covered pocket that provides adjustable absorbency. bumGenius Big and Bigger reusable pocket diapers allow you to easily adjust the absorbency. Inserts are sold separately, but we recommend using Birds eye flats, premium-sized prefolds, Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds, or Flip Disposable inserts.