Mountain Green Baby Free & Clear Detergent, is all natural, 100% scent free with no masking agents for a comfortable clean. Safe for use in HE washers.

Ingredients: Purified water, natural and biodegradable vegetable based surfactants (coconut and/ or palm), mild food-grade preservative

Available in: 20oz refill pouch


My main review of this detergent is on the bottle page, overall I love it! But I wanted to review the pouch as well b/c I really like it. It just feels good to refill the bottle. I keep a lot of pouches on hand so I don't run out of detergent, I just toss them in the drawer, since they take up so little space. A good, environmentally friendly idea.


This is the first detergent I had gotten to wash my CDs. I did receive a free sample of Classic Rock detergent and am using that as my comparison. While Mountain Green got my diapers clean and stink free, I have to do TWO rinses in the end to get all the suds out. I would not have noticed the leftover suds had I not been washing my wetbags with my diapers...the liners in the bags were still sudsy! I did not have that problem with the other soap, which is why I fear it's the detergent and not my washer.

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