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Frequent Pumping At Home Or Work
For a mom who is frequently pumping at home or in the office, we recommend the Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump.  The pump comes with it's own bag that's easy to grab on your way out the door in the morning. The cycling technology mimics your baby's sucking patterns. Medela has been leading the breast pump industry for years because they've stayed on the leading edge of pump design.  The Pump-In-Style is a durable, efficient, high quality pump that will reliably support your breastfeeding journey. 
Frequent Pumping While Traveling
If you're traveling or on-the-go constantly, the Medela Freestyle is an amazing product. We love the Freestyle because it works just as well as the Pump-In-Style, but it's quieter and small enough to fit in your purse! Like the Pump-In-Style, the Freestyle offers a cycling technology to mimic your baby's sucking patterns.  This pump has traveled with the owner of Cotton Babies on long international trips.  She once kept up her milk supply for three weeks while in India using the Freestyle!  Her pump has seen many airports and always been faithful to support a solid supply of milk.This tiny breast pump is powerful and discreet. We'd recommend this product for sales reps, frequent flyers, and for women who have to pump in the car.  If you're multi-tasking, be sure to combine it with a bustier.
Occasional Pumping At Home
The Medela Swing is less expensive and comparable to a hand pump in terms of effectiveness. This lightweight and small breast pump will speed up the pumping process (as compared to a hand pump), but may not be efficient enough to support a frequent pumping need.  This pump is affordable, and perfect if you think you'll be using child care occasionally or to support an occasional need to "pump and dump".
Exclusive Pumping
When mom is completely unable to breastfeed, a hospital grade pump is ideal.  To better facilitate these pumping experiences, Cotton Babies offers Medela Symphony pump rentals and kits in our retail stores.

Price Matching
Have you found a lower price on the pump you want somewhere else?  Cotton Babies will price match.  Please give us a call at 888-332-2243.