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For many moms, a breast pump is an important part of consistently feeding a baby breastmilk. A high-quality breast pump can improve your parenting experience as you navigate office environments, traveling, or frequent use of childcare. 
The owner of Cotton Babies supports her employees bringing babies to work (#babiesatwork).  We often have babies in the office.  They transition out of the office once they become mobile and, at that point in time, their mamas begin using our designated pumping room to elongate the breastfeeding relationship.  We've seen a number of different pumps in our office and retail stores. We only sell the pumps that we've had good experiences with as a staff. 
What About the Affordable Care Act?
Answers to questions about your rights under the Affordable Care Act can be found here.  As you research your breast pump options, keep in mind that the ACA pumps tend to be manufactured less expensively to bring the cost down to a point where the pump remains profitable to the manufacturer after they are reimbursed at the rate the government offers to breast pump manufacturers. Due to this limitation, ACA pumps are known to not be as reliable or effective.