We weren't happy with the way these turned out though... so we're marking them down as seconds. Issues may be cosmetic such as slightly uneven seams, dirt marks, mis-printed fabric, discoloration, or mild imperfections in the finishing.

While finishing wasn't completely perfect, these items have been carefully inspected and they are definitely a saleable product. The label is marked to identify the merchandise as second quality. Quantities are limited, available while supplies last - any oversold orders will be cancelled. 

Made in USA or Egypt.

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Here's a little bumGenius cloth diaper history for you

Once upon a time, bumGenius made sized all-in-one cloth diapers in extra-small, small, medium, and large. Over time small, medium, and large were discontinued and the extra-small became known as bumGenius Littles Newborn cloth diaper.

Inventory is limited. Oversold items will be cancelled and refunded. 

These cloth diapers are final sale, no warranty, no 30-day money-back guarantee and offered based on the sale terms of our Seconds Category.  

BumGenius 3.0 Deluxe All-in-One

An all-in-one is a cloth diaper with the absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer. It goes on in one step.
No stuffing and no folding means that this is the easiest to use and quite convenient.
These fantastic all-in-one diapers are made with an outer fabric that is safe to wash in hot water.
The closures are hook & loop closure
The inner core is ultra-absorbent.
The hidden opening allows you to add extra absorbency to the diaper when needed.
The lining fabric keeps your baby’s bottom dry.
The tabs have that stretch that you love in deluxe disposable diapers.
The ultra-gentle leg elastic will keep the messes in!

S (Small) fits from aprx. 8-16 pounds - it is intended for after your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off.
M (Medium) fits from aprx. 15 – 22 pounds
L (Large) fits from aprx. 22 – 30 pounds