3 layer, microfiber cloth diaper inserts measuring approximately 16" x 5.5"

These microfiber inserts may have any of the following issues (or other issues):

  • The insert may have seam issues.
  • The serging may not have been finished properly.
  • Inserts may or may not have snaps like the bumGenius One-Size Microfiber Inserts.
  • Insert may have some dirt on it from falling on the floor.
  • Measurements may vary. 

This product is great for a family wanting to refresh their microfiber inserts.
The pads could be cut down and re-sized for other sewing (including diaper making) or home purposes. 

No purchase limit.

Made in Egypt.


They are great! Minor uneven stitching is all. Great product for the price.


I knew from the description that these might not have snaps, and the ones I got don't. They also do have some extra serging that I needed to just pick off and put in the trash. I'm ok with them not having snaps, though, since my 2 yr old wears her diapers on the largest size. Very good price!


I bought 20 to replace some of my older microfiber inserts. I didn't read the description very well before buying and didn't realize they might not have snaps. None of these have snaps. That's a little disappointing. I may have to buy a pair of Kam snap pliers to add snaps (which I have been wanting for a while, now I have an excuse.) Also, these don't feel as fluffy as some of my new inserts that came with pocket diapers and I will have to trim off the serging 'tails' that remain on most of them. All in all, great product for the price and I'm sure they will get plenty of use.

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