• Gift certificates are emailed directly to the recipient.
  • Gift certificates are added to the recipients gift certificate balance and the total is made available to the recipient during the checkout process. This means that you and your sister could separately purchase gift certificates for a friend. Your friend can redeem the gift certificates and combine them to purchase one larger item.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You MUST provide us with the recipients EMAIL ADDRESS and a GIFT NOTE in the order comments box during the checkout process. Gift certificates are only available via email.
  • To remove shipping charges for gift certificates, use the coupon code GIFTCERT when checking out.


Available in $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 amounts.

Click here to read answers to frequently asked questions about gift certificates.


I usually prefer to buy the gift instead of using the gift card feature because it more fun that way (both for giver and the recipient). However, if the recipient has enough gift cards, she can order in bulk and save on purchasing which increases the value of my gift. For ex, If I aim to spend $25, I'd only be able to buy $20 in product (and that is based on using the cheapest shipping option of $5). However, with gift certificate option, I can buy a $20 and a $5 gift certificate. Now all my $ are usable towards product. Great idea for showers one can't attend or as an addition to a token gift taken to the shower along with the main gift of a gift card.

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