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Slinging Your Baby

There is alot of information online about the benefits of wearing your baby in a sling. There are a number of health and psychological advantages to both the mother and the child when the child is worn in a sling regularly.


We decided to purchase a sling after deciding against the Baby Bjorn (mostly because of the high price). The Maya Wrap was less expensive and more flexible than any other traditional baby carrier that we looked at. Health: A baby's pelvis is soft and traditional baby carriers put all of the baby's weight directly on the pelvis. A sling allows your baby to sit in a more natural position. The sling closely imitates the womb. This can be comforting, particularly for newborns.


The sling enabled me to get things done around the house. I am not a fanatic about having an immaculate house, but I do like to know that the dishes are done and that things are generally clean. With a newborn, it was nearly impossible to get anything done without my sling. It enabled me to do dishes while holding my son. I could easily vaccuum and mop the kitchen. These are usually tasks that need to be accomplished while a child is otherwise distracted or sleeping. Using the sling while I pick up the house frees up naptime for activities other than cleaning!


If my son gets fussy or needs to go to sleep, I can put him in the sling and go about my business. He will almost immediately settle down and start going to sleep. Once he is asleep, I lean over his crib, loosen the fabric, lay him in the crib and back out of the sling without waking him up.


When I go grocery shopping, I usually wear my baby instead of putting him in the grocery cart. It helps him to feel more secure in a busy, loud environment and keeps little hands and mouths off of germ laden grocery cart handles.


I can't say enough about how much I like the privacy that the sling provides. People love to touch babies! As a mom, I don't like random strangers touching my baby! I've found that people are much less likely to grab his hand or touch his face if he in the sling. Carrying him without the sling isn't an effective stranger deterrent... and the stroller is practically an open invitation. So, we use the sling when we're out and about in the mall or at gatherings with lots of people that we don't know.