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Cloth Diaper Collectors Club

Cloth Diaper Collectors Club

The Cotton Babies Cloth Diaper Collectors Club is a month-to-month cloth diaper subscription. When you join the club we'll send a new cloth diaper to your door each and every month. This limited edition diaper subscription is the only place to find the Doodles Collection. The Doodles Collection features a variety of hand-drawn illustrations full of personality, imagination, and fun. 

Each diaper is bundled with fun surprises chosen to match your Doodles Collection print. Choose your favorite bumGenius or Flip cloth diaper style and receive a diaper in that style every month. 

We've already shipped some super cute prints. Don't miss out on any more! 

Can't Touch CACTacular

CACTacular - August 2017

Can't touch CACTacular! These prickle pants will quickly get stuck on you and have your little one looking sharp.

Subscribe before August 27th!

Reach for SUCcess

SUCcess - July 2017

Reach for SUCcess! Beautifully illustrated with a variety of scintillating succulents, this little oasis will make you say “Aloe Gorgeous!" 

One-time purchase available while supplies last. 

CATtitude - June 2017

CATtitude! Featuring all things cat, this bright-eyed print is full of sass, style and spunk. 

One-time purchase available while supplies last.

PAWsome - May 2017

PAWsome is full of doodles, featuring all sorts of fun pups. Loaded with personality, style and spunk, this playful print is sure to be the new favorite in your little pup's cloth diaper collection.

One-time purchase available while supplies last.


How long is this diaper subscription? It's month to month.

Can I cancel? Yes, you can cancel at anytime. No fees.

When am I billed? You are charged immediately when you subscribe. Auto-renew billing happens on the 10th of each month.

When does my diaper subscription ship each month? Your diaper subscription will ship on or before the 27th of each month. We also reveal the next month's print on the 27th of each month so if you want to skip a month or cancel you just need to update your subscription before the 10th of the month.

International shipping? Visit out our exclusive partner retailers in Australia, Canada, and Europe.  The Cloth Diaper Collectors Club diaper subscription only ships to the US.

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