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Organic Diapers

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Organic Cloth Diapering FAQ

bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diapers are one of the easiest organic cloth diapering systems available with its one-piece, all-in-one design. The absorbent six-layer insert is attached if you want a cloth diaper that's quick and convenient to use, but doesn't compromise performance. With durable snap closures, a soft organic cotton inner and a waterproof outter layer, this organic diaper delivers not only a natural option, but an ease of use you will love.

Flip Organic Daytime Inserts can be folded for customized absorbency. The trim organic cotton prefold is similar to a flat and is comfortable for use anytime, anyplace.

The Flip Organic Night Time Insert is strong and durable and also allows for customized absorbency. Simply fold the Flip Organic Night Time Insert for maximum absorbency and place inside the Flip One-Size Diaper Cover for an overnight cloth diapering solution.

Use the Flip Potty Trainer Pads to help your toddler sense wetness, making the transition to the toilet quick and easy. Pair the certified organic pad with a Flip Potty Trainer Shell to give your toddler the feeling of wearing underpants.

Hemp Babies – Made of organic cotton and natural hemp, Hemp Babies products provide the ultimate in natural fiber absorbency (8 times the absorbency of cotton and the trimness of a disposable!).

Little and Bigger Weeds are great if you have a heavy wetter. These inserts can be folded a variety of ways and placed inside any cloth diaper for additional absorbency. Ideal solution for overnight cloth diapering

Organic cloth diapers are the most-natural option available for your baby. Made completely from plant-based materials like cotton, hemp, and bamboo, organic cloth diapers provide superior performance when it comes to absorbency and are ultra gentle against baby's delicate skin. Our organic cloth diapers section features a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable and versatile diapers to meet your family's needs and preferences.