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Tekhni is a mom-owned baby wearing company based in the United States. Their USA-milled wrap materials are always creative and beautiful blends of various fibers and yarns designed to improve your overall babywearing experience.


Babywearing can be a little intimidating.  We like working with Tekhni because their wraps are backed with some of the friendliest customer service you'll find in the entire baby wearing industry.  Their goal is to enable every parent to wrap a baby successfully. If you need help, they will help you. Every time.


Cotton Babies works directly with Tekhni to develop baby wraps that our customers will love as well as exclusive designs that are available only through our retail store and here on our website.


“Babywearing for my family is a way of life-- it is comfort, safety, protection, independence. I am so grateful to make this way of life available and accessible to other caregivers through Tekhni woven wraps.” - Alisa Heytow Demarco, Founder, Tekhni Wovens