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Our Growing Up In Cloth™ program was designed for economically minded parents who love cloth diapers!
When your baby outgrows your cloth diapers, you may be able to trade them in for credit at Cotton Babies!

What are my cloth diapers worth?

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Only items currently for sale on will be accepted for our Growing Up In Cloth program. Items originally purchased as seconds or used are not eligible for Growing Up In Cloth credit. If you have questions, please use the search bar in the top left hand corner or contact us at 1-888-332-2243 or for more details. We work hard to accommodate you, but we reserve the right to refuse credit for a used product for any reason.

Please see the Guidelines to review our standards for cloth diapers. If your diapers do not meet our standards, they will be returned at your expense.

Do you have diapers to sell back to us? You can get more details about our Growing Up In Cloth program by clicking on the "Guidelines for GUC" and the What Are My Diapers Worth tabs above. We love helping your used cloth diapers find an easy home... and we love helping other moms find a great bargain on some well‐screened products.

We are committed to quality used products. Tired of worrying about the quality of your used diaper purchase from eBay or online forums? You can relax when you buy used from Cotton Babies. Every single Growing Up In Cloth diaper is checked upon arrival for suitability for Growing Up In Cloth. It is sorted by a mama who has worked for Cotton Babies for five years and her critical eye decides whether it makes it into the pile of diapers eligible for online purchase (they have to be really good!). Only then are those diapers made available for purchase here on our website.

Growing up in cloth only accepts diapers in "excellent" condition:
  • Excellent condition (like new).
  • Hook/loop functions properly, no curling.
  • Absolutely no stains or marks inside or outside (this includes stains or marks caused by rash cream).
    Note: We are very strict about this point. Please check your diapers carefully. If your diapers are stained with rash cream, it is sometimes removable by scrubbing gently with liquid Dawn and a toothbrush. Stains caused by stool can be removed by laying a wet diaper to dry in the sun.
  • Laundry tabs look great and work well.
  • Elastic in good condition.
  • No homemade.
  • No bumGenius knock offs.
  • No tears, snags or fraying.
  • Almost zero pilling.
  • Fleece and sudecloth linings must be in excellent condition.
  • Product must be recently produced. For instance, we do not buy back Fuzzi Bunz with pointed tabs, bumGenius 1.0s or bumGenius 2.0s
  • No pet or human hair in the diapers (double check in hook/loop)
  • All the closures work well and all the seams are intact.
  • Pocket diapers and covers must still be waterproof.
  • Must have tags.
  • Original tag intact, readable and sewn to the diaper.
  • Diapers must smell clean when received!
  • No discoloration.
  • No alterations or customizations.

If the diapers do not meet our standards, they will be returned at your expense.

To redeem diapers for credit:
  • To send your Growing Up In Cloth diapers to us please fill out an RMA form at Choose Growing Up in Cloth as your reason for return. After filling out this form you will be given an RMA number to put on your package and it will give you the address to send your package to.
  • Once we receive your return, we will evaluate the products and issue appropriate on-line store credit. We will email or call you to let you know if we accepted your products and, if so, the amount of credit that was applied to your account. You may use this credit right away or hold it to use towards future orders. Please note that all credit issued is on‐line store credit and may be applied to any in‐stock product.
  • Any product not accepted will be returned to you.
Our primary concern is making sure that the product we get back is in tip‐top shape. Our customers rely on us to be a good judge of "excellent quality of used products". If you have a question about an item's eligibility for credit, please call us and ask prior to shipping the item. We reserve the right to accept or reject any product, regardless of condition, for any reason.

These guidelines may change from time to time. Growing Up In Cloth™ was formerly known as "Growing Up Fuzzi™" and "Growing Up In Pockets™". All three names are trademarks of and owned by Cotton Babies, Inc.