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SECONDS: Microfiber cloth diaper inserts, Cotton Prefolds, Organic Cotton Inserts, Hemp and more.

Shop our Second Quality Cloth Diaper sale. This is a great way to build your stash on a budget or try a different style of diaper.

What makes a diaper a "second"? We weren't happy with the way these turned out though... so we're marking them down as seconds. Issues may be cosmetic such as slightly uneven seams, dirt marks, mis-printed fabric, discoloration, or mild imperfections in the finishing.

While finishing wasn't completely perfect, these items have been carefully inspected and they are definitely a saleable product. The label is marked to identify the merchandise as second quality. Quantities are limited, available while supplies last - any oversold orders will be cancelled. 

By purchasing this product you agree to these terms of sale.

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