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Cotton Babies Gift Ideas
Looking for that perfect gift for someone special?

We've included our most popular cloth diaper packages in this category. You're sure to make any new momma happy with these building blocks for any cloth diaper stash. Just keep in mind that you don't want to buy too big or too small so be sure that you know how much the baby weighs before buying. The Elemental Joy Cloth Diaper Kit s a wonderful gift for a parent you are hoping will cloth diaper. It contains 12 one-size no-fold inserts, 6 one-size diaper covers and 1 wet bag... just enough to get started!

Not sure that cloth diapers are the way to go? A Tehkni Woven Wrap or an ERGO Baby Carrier would be our next gift suggestion. These are particularly wonderful for breastfeeding moms or for moms with fussy babies that need to be carried all the time. The Ergo is wonderful for moms with heavier babies.

Other great gift options include the Aden + Anais swaddles or New Beginnings Set - the perfect gift for baby showers or just after a baby is born!

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