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Bummis was formed by Betsy Thomas and Shirley Murdock in 1988.  Betsy and Shirley have been creating cloth diapers and diaper covers in the industry longer than almost any other cloth diaper manufacturer.  When our owner, Jenn, was getting started with cloth diapers, a friend sent her a box full of prefolds and cloth diaper covers.  In that box was a Bummis cover.  The fit was like nothing else she tried and it quickly became a favorite.   Bummis has been a staple of the Cotton Babies cloth diaper cover inventory ever since. Bummis went through an ownership change in the last few years, but the company is still led by it's founder and remains committed to making cloth diapers in North America using Canadian and USA-sourced materials.  They are one of the few manufacturers who produces a NAFTA compliant product. As a parent, you can feel safe purchasing the Bummis brand.  Not only do they deeply care about product safety, the environment, and domestic sourcing, they actively use their extra resources to support cloth diaper banks.