The Skip Hop Pronto mini diaper changer ensures that the baby is clean, dry and happy. It can be strapped on to your wrist or clipped on to a stroller which makes it portable. This also comes with an extra wide changing pad and zipper pocket. It has four large pockets to hold four large diapers, creams and other essentials. The Translucent wipes case and Pronto pillow keeps the baby's head comfortable.

Comfy, Colorful Changing Pad Goes Anywhere

The extra-wide size of the Skip Hop changing pad accommodates bigger babies, as well as little ones who like to roll around. The built-in pillow provides extra comfort for little heads.

You can leave the pad at home and use the stylish case as a convenient carryall, or take the pad with you and slip it inside another bag. Either way, a colorful modern design adds a touch of fun to the laminated pad, which wipes down easily after each use.

Leave Your Diaper Bag at Home

Convenient pockets and compartments make Pronto Diaper Changing Kit a practical accessory. A front zipper pocket stores personal items, while a mesh pocket comfortably holds up to four large diapers, as well as creams and other necessities.

There's also a translucent case for baby wipes that makes it easy to tell if your supply is low. Best of all, the Pronto Diaper Changing station is roomy enough to use as a diaper bag when you want to travel light.

  • Drop it in any bag, strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller
  • Extra wide changing pad for wiggly babies
  • Front zipper pocket for personal items
  • Mesh pocket holds up to four large diapers, creams and other essentials
  • Translucent wipes case and Pronto pillow keeps baby's head comfy