This product is marked down as second quality. Issues may be cosmetic (slightly uneven seams, dirt mark, small snags, mis-colored thread, etc.) or mild imperfections in the finishing. While finishing wasn't completely perfect, these diapers have been carefully inspected and they are definitely a saleable product. The label on these diapers is marked to identify the merchandise as second quality. By purchasing products from the Clearance category, you agree to these terms of sale.

Limited amount available. While supplies last, any oversold items will be cancelled. 

This item is for 1 flat insert.

These seconds inserts will be marked with an X in a corner.

• Fold in different ways to customize the fit
• Single layer washes easily and dries quickly 

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton

Elemental Joy Foldable Inserts are compatible with Elemental Joy, bumGenius, Flip Diapers, Econobum, and many other cloth diapers