What a Happy Puppy! Perky ears and a smiling mouth are hard to resist. Children take puppy for a walk, smiling all the while. Even more adorable, watch him roll! Puppy's segmented body wiggles and wags with delight as he is pulled this way and that. Little fingers reach down to give Puppy a pet. His soft brown and white felt ears pop up with anticipation. Bright teal wooden collar, rich red-orange wheels and a spunky brown tail, this puppy is colorful fun. Happy Puppy inspires large motor development. Children crawl or toddle all through the house, holding tight to Puppy's leash. Balance and stability improve. This puppy's smooth wooden body is beautifully designed with highest quality and care. Keeping the environment at the forefront, PlanToys® uses rubber trees that no longer produce latex. Sustainable materials and manufacturing prove they care about the planet. Brighten playtime with a Happy Puppy!


  • Wooden, smooth rolling, pull-along puppy
  • Develop gross motor skills, coordination
  • Segmented body wags and wiggles when in motion
  • Cord leash for pulling
  • Darling design - brown felt ears, smiling mouth, bright teal collar, red-orange wheels, brown tail
  • Naturally finished wood
  • Rich, water base dyes
  • Wood gathered from rubber trees no longer able to produce latex
  • Measures 4.6 x 8.9 x 2.8 inches

Made in Thailand.