Now your child can build their own happily ever after with these 35 lavender, pink, lime and natural building blocks! Create impressive castles in different ways every time you play. Build logic and storytelling skills. Have tea in the tower and go galloping away in the carriage. The adventurous princess and prince are up for anything. Children create different scenarios every time they play. With turrets, peaks, an arch, steps, gingerbread roof details and lots of columns and cubes, children will build to their hearts content. Water based dyes are entirely safe and richly pigmented, natural wood is lovely. Play is royally fun.


  • 3 years+
  • 35 blocks for castle themed play and building
  • Encourages fine motor skills, creativity, logic, storytelling
  • Natural, lavender, petal pink and lime green blocks
  • 2 people, horses and carriage
  • Sustainable, environmentally responsible production
  • Completely safety tested 

Made in Thailand.