For parents, the best part of the Oball Grip & Play will be the 3-inch suction cup that holds the toy in place - no more bending over to pick up the toy! For babies, the best part will be the spinning, rattling toy itself without the frustration of continually dropping toys to the floor. Not only will the pliable soft plastic ball of primary colors engage the baby visually, but the clear plastic tube inside contains tiny colored beads that fall against a dozen plastic pegs, making a pleasant rattling. And when it comes time for teething, no worries there!


  • BPA-free, latex-free, and PVC-free
  • Stick the ball to a table, high chair, car seat tray, just about any flat smooth surface!
  • Combines a ball and rattle mounted on a suction cup stem
  • Teaches fine motor skills and engagement with baby's environment
  • Strong suction ensures toy stays in place for the duration of playtime!
  • Color of toy varies depending on inventory
  • Small beads make a soft but pleasant rattling sound
  • Encourages touch with soft, smooth, pliable plastic
  • Engages sound and sight with movement
  • No assembly required