The Nuna RAVA is uncomplicated, un-fussy and exceeds American safety standards. Filled with great features such as extra laid back legroom, fuss-free adjustments, and the unique simply™ secure installation that makes setup a snap. So you can relax and enjoy every magical, messy, covered-with-crumbs moment.


  • simply™ secure installation
  • simply switch riding positions
  • laid back legroom gives up to 2 inches more leg room
  • dual, flip-open cup holders
  • one-hand, 10 position headrest
  • no re-thread 2 position crotch strap
  • infant head & body inserts are removable to grow with baby
  • ventilation panels within the shell & breathable (and washable) knit fabric cover
  • aircraft certified

Product specifications

  • recommended use for rear facing riding: 5 to 50 lbs | 49 in or less
  • suggested rear-facing usage up to at least 2 years of age
  • suggested forward facing riding: 25 to 65 lbs | 49 in or less, suggested usage 2 years of age or older
  • product: h 25 x w 19 x l 16 in
  • product weight: 27.2 lbs


The RAVA is smartly designed with advanced safety technology that makes installation swift, secure and straightforward. Energy absorbing foam and side impact protection pod take side impact security to the next level. Colored belt path indicators help decrease risk of user error and an all steel frame and reinforced belt path make for superior protection.  

The best time to begin using the RAVA depends on your personal preference and situation. The RAVA accepts infants starting at 5 lbs. giving you the option to use a convertible seat as your child's first seat. However, if you prefer to use a rear facing infant car seat that attaches to a stroller, we suggest using the Nuna PIPA infant car seat. Once your child outgrows the PIPA, choosing the RAVA is a great choice in a convertible car seat.

Nuna and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend children ride rear facing until they are at least 2 years old. Most children meet the weight and height requirement to ride rear facing in the RAVA for longer than 2 years. We encourage you to keep your child rear facing in RAVA as long as your child fits and is within the maximum rear facing requirements for both height and weight. We recommend children ride rear facing as long as their weight and height are within the rear facing requirements, and until at least 2 years of age.

Children can safely ride forward facing when they weigh 25 lbs and are at least 2 years old. The RAVA was designed with a smooth seat back and seat bottom, so using a vehicle seat protector is not necessary. 

Why does Nuna prefer the Vehicle Seat Belt installation rather than the LATCH installation? Both methods of installation are safe and have been tested and pass the FMVSS 213 standard. Nuna's preferred installation method is the Vehicle Seat Belt because 1) it eliminates confusion of when to switch from Lower Anchor Belts to Vehicle Seat Belt, 2) all vehicle seating positions are manufactured with a seat belt but not all vehicle seating positions include Lower Anchor Belts/LATCH, and 3) you can install the RAVA in more seating positions with a Vehicle Seat Belt install. Always use Tether for forward facing installations if your vehicle is equipped with a Tether Anchor point and vehicle requirements are met (see vehicle owner's manual).

What about using the RAVA for a baby with low birth weight? Always consult your physician before using any car seat for a preterm or low birth weight baby. Nuna suggests using the PIPA for a preterm or low birth weight baby as the infant insert is designed and rated to fit a smaller baby with a start weight of 4 lbs.