SoftLine - Made from the same soft, untreated organic wool, but fibers are interwoven by a new, patented method. Recommended for moderate leaking – sufficient for most women’s needs. This process bypasses spinning and knitting of the wool, making SoftLine pads an economical choice.

Every nursing mother wants breastfeeding to be a positive experience for her and her baby. These incredibly soft and soothingly comfortable nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breastfeeding. LANACare Nursing Pads Are Superior to Cotton or Disposable Pads Comfortable!


  • Wick moisture away to keep skin feeling dry
  • When wet, feel warm; not cold and clammy like disposables or cotton
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in hot or cold weather
  • Beneficial! Can provide soothing relief for most common breastfeeding problems, especially vasospasms!
  • Less noticeable. More coverage means edge falls further back, near seams of bra, to avoid a noticeable bump or edge through your shirt
  • Package contains one pair of Merino Wool Softline breast pads


  • Mini (9 cm - 3 1/2 in.) – recommended most often as additional inner layer for very heavy leaking - if opting for this alone, we recommend size XS.
  • X-Small (12 cm - 5 in.)- A or B cup - most comparable in size to disposables, just a tad larger.
  • Small (15 cm - 6 in.) - B, C or D cup – most commonly recommended size - will give full coverage, yet fit inside most bras.
  • Medium (18 cm - 7 in.) - DD or larger