Replenishes lanolin content of pure and natural wool products, keeping wool fresh and hygienic.

The high lanolin content, 15%, is higher than in most other wool-washes. It fully saturates wool fibers, prolonging its hygienic effects and keeping your LANACare products incredibly soft. May be safely used on any woolen product to clean and restore lanolin content.

The high lanolin content reinforces the water resistance of the wool, provides anti-bacterial properties to the wool, and allows the wool to go longer between washes. When using this soap, I only have to wash my wool covers every five - seven days. I don't know of a soap with a higher lanolin content!

LANACare Lanolin Soap is made of an extremely pure, medical-grade lanolin. In Denmark, it has even been used as hair shampoo by people with psoriasis. Many of these people were unable to use other hair shampoos, without having an exacerbation of their skin condition, and found LANACare Lanolin Soap to be a relief they had long waited for.


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