Eliminate mess and allow your kids to eat or drink on their own. The 2-in-1 Flipping Holder is a mess-free encasement for food pouches and juice pouches/boxes. Works well for kiddos 6 months+ to independently enjoy pureed foods from pouches. As you child grows, just flip the holder over to securely encase juice pouches and juice boxes.
The Flipping Holder works with nearly all food pouches on the market.

Compatible food pouch brands include:
All with standard pouch necks
Happy Family
Plum Organics
Earth’s Best
Gerber Graduates
Ella’s Kitchen
Mott’s Applesauce
All other non-standard pouch necks:
Go-Go Squeeze
Dole Applesauce
Most yogurt pouches
Some off-brand pouches
Most reusable pouches:
Nature’s Little Squeeze
Squooshi pouches
Many other reusable pouches

The Flipping Holder works with all standard juice boxes and all juice pouches on the market, including CapriSun, Honest Kids, Ella’s Kitchen, Hi-C, Juicy Juice, and many others.