Elemum absorbent pads are designed to be used during your period or for times of light incontinence. Backed with waterproof fabric to keep your underwear dry, the absorbent part of the pad is made 100% cotton. Waterproof wings snap under your panties to keep the pad in place. Wash with regular laundry (the same way you'd wash your underwear) and reuse again and again.


  • Washable, reusable pad
  • Light bladder leakage
  • Menstrual care - regular absorbency
  • 100% cotton inner
  • Waterproof outer
  • Saves money over disposable pads
  • Slightly oversized to provide coverage without being bulky
  • Reduces waste
  • Shaped to hold and capture liquid

Includes 1 reusable pad.
Made in the USA of domestic and imported materials.

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