This gentle breastpump is ideal for a mom who just needs to pump occasionally.  Simplisse products were designed by mothers and lactation consultants to work like your baby's mouth, emphasizing compression rather than suction.

  • Gentle Compression Technology
    Your baby holds your breast in his mouth while using his tongue and jaw to move against the areola and nipple.  This movement stimulates your milk ducts and causes your milk to "let down". The Simplisse Manual Breast Pump has been carefully designed by lactation consultants to work with this natural function of your breast to minimizing tugging and pulling.
  • Super-Soft BabyFace® Flexible Breastcup 
    Patented breast cup will actually conform to your breast; mimicking your baby's tongue and mouth while you're pumping milk. Flexible breast cups gently puff in and out using natural stimulation (instead of high suction) to coax milk from the breast. The outer breastcup emulates baby’s mouth during breastfeeding by gently compressing the areola, while the inner breastcup produces a fluttering motion – like baby’s tongue – again, to comfortably elicit milk. The breastcups are made of a very soft and flexible material that’s almost squishy, so it form-fits to mom’s breast and moves with mom while expressing.

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