Made without SAPs (chemical polymers), Dr. Brown's Disposable Breast Pads are safe for you and the environment. All materials are biodegradable. Made with three layers for the ultimate in comfort and leak protection. The inside layer is made of soft 100% cotton, gentle to even sensitive skin. The middle micro-layer is ultra absorbant to prevent leaks. The outer layer is water resistant and breathable. The super-thin design is 2 times thinner than other pads, and the shape contours to you so no adhesive is required. All these features add up to a natural, seamless layer of confidence for every breastfeeding mom. Each package includes 60 disposable breast pads.


  • 60 disposable breast pads
  • All materials biodegradable
  • Inside layer 100% cotton
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Made in the USA



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