This 14 gallon diaper pail will hold a lot of diapers. The durable lid features a filtered ventilation hole to control moisture and mold. The ventilation opening is shaped as a teddy bear and will be a cute fit in any nursery. The easy to seal lid is secured by the two side handles which snap down over the edge of the lid.

Each pail comes with one carbon filter, which absorbs odors naturally. The innovative carbon filters last approximately 3 months. The filter case snaps into the lid making it easy to replace the carbon filters. Replacement filters are available in packages of two.


  • Filter canister
  • Carbon filter
  • 14 gallons Pail
  • Pail lid
  • Carry handles


  • Base: 15 X 15 inches
  • height:18 inches
  • Volume: 14 gallons

Looking for a pail liner? Check out the bumGenius Diaper Pail Liner. It is the perfect size for this pail!



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