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We just found out that the orphanage that we support in Burkina Faso is in need of formula to feed the babies they are caring for. Cotton Babies can (and will) help as much as we can, but it isn't going to be enough.

You can read about the orphanage and the need here: //

If you keep reading down the page, you'll see mention of Jenni Fox coming back to St. Louis. She handwashed diapers at the orphange every day for two years and, let me tell you, she can fold a flat better than anybody here! Jenni has first-hand knowledge of these babies, their names and their needs. When we heard that Jenni was coming back to St. Louis, we hired her right away. When you call Cotton Babies, there is a good chance that she will answer the phone.

Anyway, this is a situation close to our heart and we're going to do everything we can to help. I think the diaper community has alot to offer these kids and, if we pull together, I think we can help them immensely.

100% of the funds donated will go directly to the orphanage.