Pregancy is a fun and exciting experience, but as your belly grows you may become uncomfortable and find it difficult to move with this sudden new weight. The Upsie Belly™ can give you immediate relief, increasing your range of motion and making daily activities easier throughout your pregnancy. The featured revolutionary SecureStretch™ materials molds to your body with just the right amount of tension. This revolutionary material allows for strong support and a stable fit. The exclusive soft-front closures allows for freedom in motion and mobility without digging or discomfort. Upsie Belly™ is made from ultra soft bamboo made from viscose material because your baby bump is all that matters.

Instantly relieves pregnancy discomforts:

  • Minimizes stretch marks
  • Adds back and abdominal support
  • Helps relieve bladder discomfort
  • Increases circulation and blood flow
  • Eases sciatic, back and leg pain
  • Provides extra support to hips
  • Decreases varicose veins, hernias and hemorrhoids
  • 12” of adjustability to grow with your belly
  • Aids in post hysterectomy recovery


  • Small (31"-38" / 79cm - 97cm)
  • Medium (30"-46" / 98cm - 117cm)
  • Large (47" - 58" / 118cm - 147cm)
  • Extra Large (59"-70" / 148 cm - 178 cm)

THIS BAND WORKS DOUBLE DUTY! Use it AFTER you deliver for added comfort and relief. Simply turn the belt around and fasten it in the back so the hot/cold pack lays over your healing belly.