If you've been looking for an extra absorbent diaper for your super soaker baby, or you need to know the diaper will make it through the night, you've found THE diaper! Nothing absorbs like hemp fleece!

Made from 2-3-2 layers of luxuriously soft 55% hemp/45% cotton fleece, these prefolds are up to any task, from being pinned, folded in thirds in a snug fitting wrap, or as a pocket diaper stuffer.

Prefold Size Guidelines:

  • Extra Small - Preemie to 9 lbs - yellow thread
  • Small - 7 to 13 lbs - lavender thread
  • Medium - 12 to 20 lbs - green thread
  • Large - 18 to 27 lbs - dark red thread
  • X-Large - 27+ lbs - slate blue thread

Please be aware that these size guidelines are only approximations. The best Prefold size for your baby may vary based on the baby’s age, body type/shape and diapering style. 

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