These ever beautiful bamboo swaddling blankets are a super soft addition to your nursery. Made of rayon from bamboo fiber muslin, these swaddles are luxuriously soft which makes them the ideal fabric to use when swaddling your precious baby.


  • Generous sizing (47 x 47 in.) makes swaddling easy
  • Gets softer with every wash
  • Versatile as a swaddling blanket, stroller or nursing cover and wonderful for tummy time
  • Machine washable

Why Swaddle? This age old technique is used to make your baby feel safe and secure.

  • Swaddling helps to make your baby feel secure and comfortable, as it is designed to imitate the security of the enclosed surrounding they experienced in the womb
  • Swaddling helps your baby sleep on their back, the pediatrician recommended sleeping position
  • Swaddling helps your baby stay asleep by reducing sudden arm and leg movements
  • Swaddling keeps your baby’s face uncovered
  • Swaddling prevents your baby from moving around the crib and getting into dangerous or uncomfortable positions