Medela's most economical breast shells

  • Help soothe sore nipples/engorgement and flat/inverted nipples
  • 2 solutions in 1 natural round shape designed to be discreet under clothing
  • Help keep nipples dry & prevent irritation
  • Vented fronts provide air flow for healing and comfort
  • Made in the U.S.A or Canada

What’s Included

  • 2 shells
  • 2 flat/inverted nipple shell backs (small opening)
  • 2 sore nipple shell backs (large opening)

These are actually rather silly when mt first son was born I was given these at the hospital to help him latch onto my inverted nipples. They created more difficulty for me than they actually helped hey fit too tight to the breast, and cause poor circulation to nipples it was painful to remove them and when my son latched on my nipples where even more tender than when I did not use the shells. If you have inverted nipples and need an aid for breastfeeding the contact nipple shield is what I recommend When you put it on and the baby latches your nipple is automatically "sucked out" into the shield like magic and with no difficulty! That is a really awesome product! A miracle would be a better description! Try those!

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