Kids can tap out the tunes on this colorful 5-key xylophone. Ting-tong, bing-bong — striking each key helps develop a natural sense of harmony and rhythm. Plus, the child-friendly wooden mallet supports eye-hand coordination, concentration and fine motor skill development. Made from rubber wood and painted with natural colors.


  • Solid wooden mallet Xylophone with 5 musical bars
  • Natural, organic recycled rubber wood
  • Water-based dyes

Beware! This is not a "Mary Had a Little Lamb" xylophone. I don't know what notes these are, but they're not together in any scale I know. It's not pentatonic. We can't come up with a single song to play on it. It's got the nice tone you'd expect from a wooden xylophone, but I was hoping for better musical value. I'm guessing the kids will just enjoy that it makes any sound when they hit it.

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