Hemp Babies Flat Weeds (Hemp Flats) are completely customizable to your baby's shape. These flats are a 27" x 27" square of hemp jersey made with 55% Hemp, 45% Certified Organic Cotton.

Many customers find these a perfect, super absorbent one-size system, fitting your baby from birth through potty training. As your baby gets older (or for overnights), you can just lay another folded flat inside for some extra absorbency.

Flats are also great way to stuff your pocket diapers. Because they are one layer of material, flats get clean very, very easily. If needed, you can even hand wash this product!! Flats also line dry in a snap.

If you are traveling internationally and may be without a washer or dryer, this is one of the products that we'd recommend for your trip.

Designed by a mom and made in the U.S.A.

Diapers sold individually.


The surging on these diapers is the worst I have ever seen. For 10$ a diaper it should be much better! Very disappointing.


I need to update my previous review. I have fallen in love with these diapers! Although there is some variance in the size initially after about 20 washings they have all equaled out in size. They are soft and super absorbent. I use them origami folded with no pin inside a Flip cover. The fit is nice and trim. I've changed my opinion and I would definitely recommend these.


I received 4 of these hemp flats on Saturday. While 3 where fine and within the stated 27x27 measurement one was over 2 inches shorter all around. After washing it is now 3 inches shorter than the other 3 and there is a lot of size/shape variation between all of these hemp flats. I 'm very disappointed. I do not like that the sizing was not consistent between the four diapers. I cannot recommend an inconsistent product.


This is my favorite cloth diaper ever. I use it from newborn up through potty training. First folding it like a cotton flat and pinning it on newborns and padfolding it later on as a booster to whatever diaper I'm using on toddlers. I wish they came in bigger sizes so that I could continue to pin them on a toddler, but even at this size they are very versatile. I find them trimmer, more absorbent and stretchier than birdseye flats. I have eight in my stash and wish I had a dozen.


I love this diaper, it's really absorbent. I use mine for nighttime or when we're out and about and I might not be changing her so often, and it holds up. I generally fold it around her and boingo it in place. She has yet to soak through it, even when we use it all night. It isn't really soft but it doesn't seem to bother my girl. My biggest problem with these is the price. I think they're a little too pricey. I'm glad I bought one, but unless they go down in price or go on sale, I probably won't buy more.

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