Elemum Reusable Pads


Elemum absorbent reusable pads are designed to be used during your period or for times of light incontinence. Inner core is made with GOTS certified organic cotton. Wings snap under your panties to keep the pad in place. Wash and reuse again and again.



  • Washable, reusable pad designed for light bladder leakage or menstrual care
  • GOTS cerified organic cotton
  • Item includes 3 reusable pads
  • Pad folds into discreet, on-the-go pouch

Fabric Content

Lining: 100% Laminated Polyester
Core: 100% Organic Cotton


Caring for your Elemum Reusable Pads

Before First Use: Wash hot (140F/60C) once.
Wash: Wash hot. No laundry additives. Tumble dry.


I purchased these pads about a month ago and keep using them with the hope that this time the pad will do its job. However, they will not stay in place. I've tried different styles of underwear thinking it was the cut of the underwear causing this, but that didn't matter. Then I tried wearing them with tighter fitting pants to help keep it in place, but that didn't help much. Plus the pad tends to fold up. I just end up with a mess on my underwear, which defeats its purpose.

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