Looking for the perfect overnight cloth diaper for your heavy wetter? We’ve got just the thing! Sustainablebabyish Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitteds are great for day time use, but even better for nights! Made with bamboo and organic cotton, this overnight cloth diaper is incredibly absorbent, snug and o' so comfy.
  • Made with 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton
  • Size X-Small: Snap-down front
  • Sizes Large & X-Large: Hip snaps for sizing up


  • One shell
  • Double-length, 3-layer snap-in fleece soaker
  • 3-layer fleece doubler.
 Size Chart
size fully extended rise waist leg weight
x-small 13" w/snap down 9"-15" 5"-7" 5-11 lbs
small 15" 10"-18" 5"-10" 9-16 lbs
medium 17" 12"-21" 7"-14" 14-22 lbs
large 18" 14"-24" 8"-15" 22-32 lbs
x-large 19" 15"-27" 8"-17" 32 lbs +



I didn't think there were any overnight solutions for my heavy wetter. I tried these and I want to order a whole stash! I paired these with a Blueberrry cover and my daughter sleeps 10-12 hrs with no leaks and dry skin. The organic cotton and bamboo is 2nd to none! Highly recommended! Best overnight solution on the market by far!!!!


LOVE these! I've tried a dozen combos and my little one wets through EVERYTHING except these with woolies over them. Made my life a lot easier and drier!


My daughter could wet through just about anything I could possible stuff in her 4.0 diapers at night. Despite combinations of hemp (little weeds), microfiber ( BG one size and newborn), and hemp/cotton blends (baby kicks premium L with a baby kicks prefold size large) she would wake up wet after 11.5-12 hours. These SBish Overnights are perfect. The large snap in insert and smaller lay in insert are easily customized by the parent to add extra absorbency where needed. (5 layers in the front for my tummy sleeper!) The waist adjustment is very customizable. I pair this diaper with a woolybottoms diaper cover. It is bullet proof in my opinion. The pros: Easy to customize fit/absorbency Washes very cleanly/no lingering odors Bullet proof for a super heavy wetter (when paired with wool- I don't have any non wool diaper covers to compare.) The only cons are: They take a long time to dry- not unexpected because they hold so much liquid. They seem stiff while wet. (This is the nature of bamboo- so I've been told) While the cost is a little high- it's worth it to not have a wet baby in wet pjs/wet sheets every morning. I would buy these again and recommend them to anyone who is struggling to find a night time solution.

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