Super Undies 2.0 helps your potty training efforts hit the mark! Steps to success:

1. Your toddler MUST feel wet - This gives him a tactile experience to relate the act of peeing and helps him learn. It also provides an incentive to want to be changed and not pee in the future (A.K.A. - Potty Train). These Potty Training Pants deliver a wet feeling!

2. Consistency - This is the job of the parents. Of course, your toddler won’t remember to go all the time at first so set an alarm and do what you have to! Consistency is key and by switching to cloth which absorbs less, these Potty Training Pants help build in accountability!

3. Don’t be afraid! Be Prepared. If you’re prepared then you have nothing to fear. You’ll know what can go wrong in potty training and how to prevent it! These Potty Training Pants are waterproof and that means that even the worst of accidents become manageable with Super Undies!

Pull-on Undies 2.0 has the following features

  • Waterproof wetzone - Whew!
  • Stretchy side tabs - your hero can operate them himself!
  • Inner absorbency - but not too much or we miss the mark!  
  • Hidden pocket - Yes! Now you can add more absorbency!


  • Small (waist 14-16" / legs 9.5-10.5" / rise 14.5" / age 16m-2.5 yrs)
  • Medium (waist 16-18" / legs 10-11.5" / rise 16" / age 2.5-3 yrs)
  • Large (waist 18-19.5" / legs 11-12.5" / rise 17.5" / age 4 yrs)

Bought three of these after my 23 m.o. guy started SERIOUSLY wetting the bed at night. Previously he woke up with a dry pull up frequently, but then we moved and the stress of that was really reflected in his sleep and potty training regression. I was using Flips pull ups, which are a lot like flips diapers which we used while he was in diapers, but they just couldn't hold the ridiculous amount of urine that he was releasing at night. We would have to wake up and changes his sheet multiple times a week. It got really old really fast. I wish we had just bought the super undies in the first place. The pull up and down a lot easier than flips (the snaps on the flips come apart and the elastic sides get stretched out). Super undies seem really comfy with the fleece band around the legs and top. The design is really functional, the only thing is that we definitely need additional insert. I would say if you have any doubt in your mind, just add some extra inserts or buy some of the Super undies brand. Its just not worth dealing with leaks. The only reason I am giving these 4/5 stars is because I wish I didn't need an insert, but I guess it is nice that it is customizable and can be adapted to better fit your needs.


Our daughter is 3 1/5 and still has the occasional accident at night. So far we have had success with these night time training pants. She has had accidents in them several times and we only experienced leaking one time, but in all fairness we forgot to have her use the bathroom that night before. Other than that she has had a couple light accidents at night with no leaking. Also we have not used any additional pad inserts so that probably would have helped with the one accident we did have. Overall pretty happy with these and she loves to put on her "Super Undies" each night.


I can't wait to use these. They are soft and fit my little guy very well. We are actually looking forward to potty training with Super undies.


I was most concerned with sizing, since trainer sizing is all over the map. For reference, our 2 year-old daughter is tall, wears 3T pants, and is about 32 lbs, and the large fits well. I like that these are thin but have a light layer for a sprinkle, and pull up like regular underwear. Our daughter loves the colors and is excited to wear them. We are just starting our potty training journey, so we will have to report back again with how these compare to the other few cloth trainer brands we purchased.

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