Built for the way babies read!

Baby's love to chew on anything and everything. It is a natural part of development and helps them to self soothe. Unfortunately books are no exception. In fact, paper seems to be a favorite for babies. It feels good to chew on and makes fun noises when crinkled and crunched. Paper books and even board books can become soggy and fall apart, destroying the book and becoming a potential choking hazard for your baby. Now there are truly indestructible books just for baby. Made from an ultra-durable tightwoven material that is completely tear resistant and waterproof. Completely safe to be chewed on, sucked and washed! Safe for your baby, they meet all ASTM safety standards. The wordless pictures encourage dialogic reading, allowing it to be used as an emergent literacy tool. Also, it is super portable. The simple stitch binding allows them to slide effortlessly into the diaper bag.


  • Made especially for babies - chew and tear resistant and waterproof
  • Safe for baby - meet all ASTM safety standards
  • Wonderful early literacy tool
  • Portable - slide easily into diaper bag

We have Mary Had a Little Lamb, Mama and Baby, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Frere Jacques and my 19 month old son loves them. We got them we he was 6 months old and they're still like new. I've even rolled one up and stuffed it in the diaper bag to keep my son busy when out and about. The books also don't have words in them, they're on the back, so it doesn't take away from the awesome illustrations and vibrant colors. Definitely a great first book for your teething babes and doubles as a great, quick story time book before bed time.

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