Your Nighttime Bedwetting Solution! Many children go through bedwetting, and it sure can make them feel bad. Super Undies wants to help children wake up dry, and not damage their self esteem. These bed wetting pants are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. This alone helps relieve the stress off the child from having to tell his mom that he wet the bed . They are excellent for potty training transitional nights, or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bed wetting, please add a step-up insert to them.

Why Do Nighttime Undies Work? The bedwetting pants are made to hold the Hoover Dam. Super Undies started with a good concept on retaining a nighttime accident, then we beefed it up.


  • Waterproof material all through the external structure of the undies
  • There are 4 layers of build in absorbency, two sewn internally and two externally as a soaker pad
  • The tabs are waterproof, and on the back is a soft water resistant fleece to help hold in leaking from side sleepers
  • The legs are waist are created out of water resistant fleece, as an additional insurance policy against leaking
  • The absorbent material does not touch the outer edges inside the undies. This also battles against leaking
  • An added additional pocket on the inside, in case four layers wasn't enough to soak up your child’s out-put. Simply stuff more absorbency in it!


Size             Waist        Legs       Rise    Typical Age

Size 1     17-20"      11-13"        16"    3T

Size 2     18.5-22"   12-14"        18"    4-5 yrs

Size 3      21-24"     14-16"        21"    6-9 yrs

Size 4           23-28"     15-17"        23"    9-13 yrs


We ordered super undies and they have been through the wash approximately 5 times now. We are starting to have some leaking issues. Not sure if its the diapers, or my son is drinking more water at night. 5 washes seems a little quick to have to strip them. Otherwise, they fit well, are soft and seem well constructed.


I bought these for my average sized six year old girl. At first I thought these were WAY too large and was going to return them, but I realized they were supposed to be that big. She is a consistent bedwetter. Although these are helping to cut down on disposables, she has leaked through them almost every single night. It does not seem like we can use them 'as is' and will need to add inserts.


We ordered a size 2 for our 33# 4 yo. They're working beautifully. They're a bit bulky, so we just put them on right before she crawls into bed. I wish I would have spent the money and bought a couple pairs when my oldest was potty training at night. I'm thrilled to not be washing bedding several times a week!


I got these in a sizet 2 for my large 2.5 year old, they are large and kind of bulky but they get the job done better than pull ups. No more wet bed!


I ordered a pair of these for my son during his nighttime potty training he is 2 years old. I ordered the smallest size which according to the dimensions should have fit him. They are huge! They would easily fit a child twice his size, I was highly disappointed to say the least.

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